MiM MP Asaduddin Owaisi On Sachar Committee Report and Reservation in Parliament

MiM MP Asaduddin Owaisi On Sachar Committee Report and Reservation in Parliament

ASADUDDIN OWAISI MP (HYDERABAD) : Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I rise to support the Bill that has been tabled in the august House. I have got some important points to bring to the notice of the august House.
The Sachar Committee report has been tabled in this House. It clearly states the educational backwardness of the Muslim community. According to Sachar Report, there are 39 per cent OBCs and 0.8 per cent Scheduled Caste in the Muslim community.
I support this Bill which provides reservation in Central Universities to SCs, STs and OBCs. However, I would like to know as to how fair it is to deny the benefits of reservation on the basis of religion, especially after the Government has tabled the Sachar Report in this august House which shows how bad my educational standards are and my conditions are.
I would just like to quote one point here as far as the report is concerned. Page 73 of Sachar Report clearly says, “The percentage of population of graduates, as far as the Muslims are concerned, is 1.2 and those attending P.G. courses is 16.3.” It is lesser in Muslims than in dalits also. You are not implementing these minority universities over there. But why is it that I am being denied such benefits? Moreover, the Presidential Order of 1950 contravenes the basic fundamental rights given in the Constitution.
How is it that only SCs belonging or professing the religion of Hinduism or Sikhism or neo Buddhism are being given reservation? Why not Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims? This question has to be pondered over by the Government. I would request you sincerely, Sir, that the Government should come forward and ensure that the 1950 Presidential Order, Schedule III is amended. It says that only a person professing Hinduism or Sikhism or neo Buddhism can be classified as Schedule Caste. How is that possible? This Report of yours clearly says this. There is this argument about Muslims and OBCs. Why is it such a low percentage is there? This has to be looked into.
Lastly, about Jamia Milia University, how is that the present Vice-Chancellor wants to implement this present Bill in Jamia Milia University? Why has the Vice-Chancellor overnight changed this position? Why are we being denied such benefits? I would request you that this issue has to be taken care of. They have applied to the National Minority Education Commission also. It is pending over there. If Jamia Milia University is not a minority University, then, which is a minority university? This is a very important question. These are important points I wanted to bring to the notice of the august House.
I support this Bill. I hope that this UPA Government will take affirmative action and will not deny us reservation under Article 16(4). If people are opposed to reservations to Muslims, they should look into the pre-native history of Article 16(4). It is none other than Sardar Vallabhai Patel, who has stated `classes’ means `Minorities’. He was the Chairman of that Advisory Committee. Why are Muslims having reservations in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka? Why can they not be given reservations nationwide? It has to be done. Literacy rate of 13 per cent of population is only 59. There is a huge difference between literate and educated persons. You can very well imagine 13 per cent of population with a literacy of 59 per cent. Hence, I would request that the Government should come forward with the proposal and I hope that the hon. Minister, when he stands up to reply would respond to this or this UPA Government has to amend 1950 Presidential Order. They have to take affirmative action under Articles 15(4) and 16(4).
Thank you.


8 Responses to “MiM MP Asaduddin Owaisi On Sachar Committee Report and Reservation in Parliament”

  1. inamdar shaikhshanmohamed babubhai Says:

    sc status may be provided to dalit muslims immidiately

  2. Better Abolish RESERVATION since it has ceased to be the Constitutional Safeguard for Equal Opportunity for the Deprived Communities and is being UTILISED as the best Machinery to mobilise CAPTIVE Vote bank! « Palashbiswaskl’s Weblog Says:

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  5. Ahmed moinuddin. Says:

    Bala Sahib commission report.
    It is facts on record is that , the honourable members of parliment before passing bill of reservation in the year 1951 formed commissed which is called Bala sahib commission and asked to conduct inquiry in detail and submit the report for consideration in both the houses,according they submitted report to parilment.The MPs had read that report and found that report was on insufficient information, and asked to conduct detail investigation and submit the report again for consideration, second time also found the report was on insufficient information. Due to which both the houses taken considerable time in passing the bill, hence mean while directed what ever recommendation received from the commission be implemented other side, asked to take further steps for conducting deep
    inquiry in it and submit report for taking further steps .However on passing the bill by both the houses,It became law. However, the executive at central level issued instructions to their subordinate for identification for the majority communty and over look to minority, muslims, Budist, christens etc
    with the result , even passing considerable time of more than fifty years they were kept educationally , socially and economically on back wardness, the programmes which was introduced in the year 1951 for the benefits of majority section, and the minority section muslims not covered to that scheme and also not identify along with majority, which is found to be fault action on the part the then government , in order to over come past mistake some of the states allowed 10% reservation
    for the muslims minority, and other states will be allowed reservation in near future, because the election result of Bihar before all of them


    Dalit Muslim hope in Supreme Court ruling
    In a great development for a PIL lodged in Supreme Court by Akhil Maharastra Khatik Samaj (AMKS) for inclusion of
    Dalit Muslims in Scheduled Caste category, the apex court recently ordered Union of India to file counter affidavit to the
    writ petition. It is happening for the first time that the Union of India has responded to this petition. Shamsuddin Shaikh,
    chairman of Akhil Maharashtra Khatik Samaj, has said that they are fighting for Dalit Muslim rights for more than a
    decade. From 1935 to 1950 all Dalits irrespective of their religion were provided with reservations.
    However, on Jan.26, 1950 when the constitution of India came into force an Order was passed by then President of
    India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, limiting the reservation to only “Hindu Dalits”, clearly prohibiting the provision of Article 341
    which states that all SCs should be given reservation. The Presidential Order 1950 denies inclusion of Dalits of any
    community other than Hindu in the SC category. The order says no person who professes a religion different from
    Hinduism shall be deemed to be a member of the SC. This part of the order runs contrary to the provisions of Articles 14
    (equality before the law), 15 (prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion) and 25 (freedom to profess and practice
    any religion) of the Constitution.
    The situation clearly calls for a constitutional amendment to include Dalit Muslims and Dalit Christians. Sikhs and
    Budhists were already included under SC.
    Dalit Muslims deserve SC reservation as they are not only engaged in the same profession as “Hindu Dalit” but also
    suffer the same discrimination as their “Dalit Hindu” counterpart. Mushtaq Ahmed, Supreme Court advocate in the above
    case, said the Ranganath Mishra Commission has also recommended SC status for Dalit Muslims. There are 35 Dalit
    Muslim castes among Muslims.The final hearing of apex court is on 29/3/2011.we hope dalit converts will get justice.

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  8. barrdennis43347 Says:

    I posted this comment on another site discussing this: Click http://s.intmainreturn0.com/bayy091615

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